Invite Friends and Earn 1000 in free Cashout currency!

Did you know that for each friend you invite to play on Cashout, you can earn $1000 in free Cashout trading currency?

Earn $1000 for each friend that joins Cashout

Here is how to do it:

  • Connect to the Cashout app
  • Go to the profile tab

    Invite Friends to Cashout

  • Select the method you want to use (Email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook)
  • Select the friends you want to invite if using email or SMS, or simply post your referral code on Facebook or Twitter.

When you invite friends, they will receive a unique referral code, that will link them back to you. In order to do so, they need to enter this referral code into the appropriate screen when they create an account in the Cashout app.

As soon as your friends have created a Cashout account using your referral code, you will automatically receive 1000 in free trading currency next time you log into the Cashout app.