The Arena - Battling on Cashout

Win additional trading cash in real-time, live battles that pit your skills on an equal footing against other traders: Welcome to The Arena.

The Arena - Battling on Cashout

The Arena is a feature unique to Cashout, and the only one of its kind based around currency trading.

How It Works

Cashout Arena Menu

Three types of battles can be found within the Cashout Arena: Mini Battles, Lot Battles, and Mega Battles.

All traders compete equally: participants start off with the same amount of trading currency, the leverage amount is fixed and the duration is limited to 10 minutes. However, you can choose which currencies you want to trade and make as few or as many trades during a battle as you want.

Best of all, the winner of a battle wins bonus Trading Currency

Battle Name Buy-in Amount Win Bonus Booster Duration
Mini Battle $500 $10 x100 10 minutes
Lot Battle $1000 $100 x100 10 minutes
Mega Battle $10,000 $1000 x100 10 minutes

All the information in the above table is represented directly within the app:

Battle Conditions - Cashout

To join a battle, simply click the "JOIN" button. The battle begins 3 minutes after 2 or more players have joined. Please note, you can only participate in one battle at a time, and will have to leave your current battle before joining another.


When the battle starts, all participants begin with the same Trade Amount. You must always trade your total Trade Amount.

Battle Screen - Cashout

You can trade any currency you want, by clicking on the flags at the top of the screen, however, you cannot modify your booster, trade amount or max time.

The battle screen also contains your current rank within the battle and the time remaining in the battle.

After the Battle

When the battle ends, you will see a post battle menu, containing your rank, and the ranks of all the battle participants!

Battle Ranking - Cashout

May the best trader win!