Closing a Trade - Cashout's Active Trade Interface

Cashout Active Trading Interface

This is the active trading interface on Cashout. Here you see your trade live, and can watch your profit change in real time.

Cashout Active Trading Interface

Let's look at the key features of this screen 1 by 1.


Active Trade Chart - Cashout

There are two elements to pay attention to on the active chart.

The first is the orange line bisecting the chart. This is the exchange rate at the moment you began your trade. If you said "FALL", and the exchange rate falls below this line, you will turn a profit. If you chose "RISE" and the exchange rate falls below this line, you will have a loss.

Second, the aqua line and bubble represent the current exchange rate.

Time Remaining

Active Trade Time Remaining - Cashout

Don't get too caught up in how cool the chart looks. You only have a limited amount of time to close your trade! If the time runs out, your trade will close automatically regardless if your trade is currently profitable (or not...)!

Profit, Loss & Cashout

Profit, Loss & Cashout - Cashout

This is where the action is. Your profit updates in real-time as the exchange rate updates. When you have hit the right profit amount (or want to prevent a larger loss), hit the "CASHOUT" button to close your.

Post Trade Screen

Post Trade Screen - Cashout

Once you close your trade, you will see the Post Trade Screen. This window shows the final profit or loss of your trade, your current rank on Cashout (by profit), and if you moved up or down in rank.

If you just made an awesome trade and feel like bragging a bit, click on the "Share Trade" link to share this trade on social media.