How to Participate in Cashout’s Private Beta Launch

This guide summarizes how to participate in the Cashout beta launch. Because this is a private beta, and by invitation only, a tiny bit more effort may be needed on your end.


Signing up is easy. Simply go to this page and enter you email address. Make sure you use the email address associated with your iTunes account.

Once joined, we will manually add you to the beta, so please give us up to 24 hours!

BTW, if you don’t have an iOS device, you will not be able to participate in the Beta… But we would love for you to join us when we eventually roll out android.


Step 1: As soon as you have been added to the private beta, you will receive an email from TestFlight. TestFlight is an iOS application made by Apple that is specifically designed for testing new applications and organizing beta launches.

When you get this email, click on the “Start Testing” button.
How to participate in the Cashout beta
Step 2: After you click in the email you will be redirected to a webpage. If you don’t already have TestFlight on your phone, you will need to follow the link to “Get TestFlight from the App Store”. If you already have TestFlight, copy the “redeem” code to your clipboard and skip to step 4. How to participate in the Cashout beta
Step 3: Download & install TestFlight. Seriously… you don’t need a screenshot for this. If you followed the instructions above, you should already be on the TestFlight download page.
Step 4: Open the TestFlight app, accept the Terms and Conditions, then install Cashout. If you already had TestFlight on your phone, follow the instructions and use the redeem code as seen in step 2. How to participate in the Cashout beta
Step 5: Open Cashout and have fun! How to participate in the Cashout beta

That's it. If you have any trouble, please contact us at [email protected].