Although it takes a lifetime to master, learning to trade currencies is actually rather easy when done in the right way. This series of short, easy lessons is designed to help you master the basics of currency trading only indices, without all the headaches that come from serious study.

No headaches? That sounds pretty good to me! start leaning from forex trading canada and make passive income

By now, you have probably downloaded the Forex app, but if not you should do so before you learn. Basically, Deriv is a free currency trading game that allows you to learn about and practice currency trades without taking any risk and in a fun an simplified manner.

Use the Forex while you go through these lessons. They are designed to cm trading demo you to the wild world of currency trading in an intuitive, fun and simple manner, so you can test your new knowledge directly on the app.

Ready? Let’s begin at the beginning: “What the heck is currency day trading anyway?